COLD SMOKE Photography, Action Sports Photography, TAOS, New Mexico
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What is COLD SMOKE ?

Cold Smoke, the lightest, fluffiest snow on Earth. COLD SMOKE is the lightest, fluffiest snow on Earth! It is sought after by powder skiers and riders everywhere with the fervor of Knights questing after the Holy Grail.

COLD SMOKE originates in dry clouds whose temperatures hover around the five (5) degrees. The frigid conditions permit the growth of "Stellar Crystals", as they are known to scientists. The lack of humidity allows the flakes to escape the cloud without a heavy coating of frost. When these flakes arrive on Earth on a windless day, they stack up so tall and delicate on fence posts and ski slopes that their mass is about ninety eight (98%) percent air. This is known as two (2%) percent snow or ....

  Action Sports Photography, Cold Smoke Photography, TAOS, New Mexico
Ryan Fellows, Action Sports Photographer, Cold Smoke Photography, TAOS, New Mexico

Cold Smoke Photography, Action Sports Photography, TAOS New Mexico


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